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Levears Stainless Steel Silver Pierced Ear Lobe Earrings backs Lift Support

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Product Description

Problem : Droopy Earrings, Not anymore.

Instant Solution: Levears earrings lifts / support.
  • Best Ear Lifts on the Market.
  • Price is for One Pair only.
  • Made of stainless steel, Nickel Free with patented left and right design.
  • Secure and comfortable earring backs.
  • Fits most post earrings. Please make sure that when you place the earrings and move the backs to adjust you feel that the earrings are tight and secure.
  • Earring will sit comfortably and securely without pulling down on the piercing or flopping forward. 
  • Will avoid stretching of the earlobe over time.
  • Will benefit those whose piercing is not in the middle.
  • The right and left back makes the earring fit right on each side and conforming to the shape of any ear.
  • Disguise the look of stretched and saggy piercings. Levears will make your ears look younger!

Product Videos

Levears (01:38)
Levears Earring Lifts Introducing Levears! Levears are a revolutionary new earring back that will change the way you wear earrings! Levears prevent pulling, stretching and sagging of the ear lobes with any post earring. Earrings look and feel better and Levears prevent further stretching! Keep your earrings upright and bright with Levears. Visit Levears.com today.
  • Levears
    Levears Earring Lifts Introducing Levears! Levears are a revol...

Product Videos

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